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SPECTOR Bass - The new Euro Series - RST / Roasted Maple

Let’s get roasted!
SPECTOR presents no less than six new basses with their new EURO RST series. RST stands for "Roasted Maple" and thus also for the beginning of a completely new era of the American bass manufacturer.

Here, the classic SPECTOR design is optimized with new tonewoods, improved electronics and a fresh palette of exclusive stain options.

Neck-through construction has long been at the heart of SPECTOR design. The Euro RST takes this concept to the next level with a three-piece Roasted Maple neck & fingerboard. This look not only gives a distinctive look, but also enhanced stability and texture.


This perfectly tempered tonewood is paired with a uniquely grained Flame Maple top and Empresswood back for a stunning look. It's no wonder, then, that these basses boast impressive resonance and surprising lightness.

For electronics, the Euro RST models are equipped with Aguilar Super Double pickups and OBP-2 preamps. This provides an added focus in the midrange that is sure to cut through any mix.

These exciting basses are available in three brand new colors, Sienna Stain, Turquoise Tide and Sundown Glow. And as if those weren't enough features, each bass has a complementary matched headstock (like the body) and a soft matte finish that feels like it's been played to perfection from day one.

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