MUSIK MEYER's "first sales division", which previously went by the same name, will take on a new name on November 1, 2021: CORE ONE MUSIC. While still containing the key essence of its original name, the sales division now aims to tackle the future head on with a new and improved identity.

The name of the sales division, which previously operated under "MUSIK MEYER - Der Premium-Markenvertrieb", was first discussed during the corporate redesign of MUSIK MEYER GmbH and its various elements, which has since been released with the new website and other marketing materials. In order to clearly distinguish between the MUSIK MEYER umbrella brand and the sales division with the same name, the name of the sales division was changed to CORE ONE MUSIC.

Taking a look back at the company history provided the inspiration for our new name: in fact, back in the day, the MUSIK MEYER core sales organization was the first company sales division to enter the market, standing at the forefront of all our activities as a company. While spanning back to the company's roots, the new name also allows the division to march on forward and continue bolstering its reputation as a leading division driven by the needs of the market, partners and customers with a premium range of products and services.  
Despite clear visible changes, the expert brand management and sales teams in the new division will remain available around the clock to cater to queries from all customers and partners regarding the CORE ONE MUSIC brand range.